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About Billforward

Billforward gives you a simple solution to sell your products online and in mobile apps. We give you the tools to automate your entire billing operation, and make the shift to a subscription business.

Why Billforward?

Billforward is a Y Combinator subscription billing and recurring revenue billing platform, helping businesses sign up customers, collect recurring payments, and manage their subscriptions.

Billforward supports an array of billing use cases – from the simplest to the most complex ones. Billforward strongly believes that customers’ business models shouldn’t have to adapt to accommodate the billing platform. It’s the billing platform’s role to accommodate the company’s business model.

Our Investors


Y Combinator

Based in Mountain View, CA, Y Combinator (”YC”) is an American seed accelerator. In 2017 Forbes ranked YC one of two “Platinum Plus Tier U.S. Accelerators”. Fast Company has called YC “the world’s most powerful start-up incubator.” Fortune has called Y Combinator “a spawning ground for emerging tech giants”.


San Francisco based Heavybit helps startups turn products loved by developers into successful businesses. Established by Heroku Founder James Lindenbaum, the Heavybit community is the only one of its kind to focus solely on taking developer products to market.

Our Awesome Team

Aubone Tennant

Aubone Tennant

Founder & CEO

Aubone lives in London, with his wife Beth, three kids, and their dog.

Running a successful internet service provider made him realize managing billing is one of the biggest headaches for any subscription-based business. He co-founded Billforward to solve those problems and help people get on with growing their recurring revenue!

In his spare time, Aubone volunteers for a not-for-profit helping the homeless and competes in triathlon races.

Mary Goldspink

Mary Goldspink

Head of Customer Success

Mary is the Head of Customer Success at Billforward.

Implementing creative billing solutions that allow our customers to operate more efficiently and at a faster pace is her passion.

Before moving to the UK, Mary worked with Silicon Valley companies such as Vlocity, NetSuite, Nextdoor, and Airbnb. In London, Mary served as a COO of Unbits (an IoT startup), leading the company through acquisition.

Mary loves running, baseball, and food trucks.

Lukasz Kwasek

Lukasz Kwasek

Head of Software

Lukasz is the Head of Software Development at Billforward.

His role focuses on leading the technical team to deliver a successful product while juggling deadlines and making sure all the gears are spinning in the right direction at the right speed.

He has worked for a long time in the billing and payment space on the technical side before stepping up as a manager.

In his free time, Lukasz enjoys learning foreign languages, wall climbing, and cats.

Ollie James

Ollie James

Full Stack Software Engineer

Ollie is a Full Stack Software Engineer at Billforward.

His main duties involve developing features, squashing bugs, and polishing designs.

Ollie worked at Billforward as an intern for a year in 2019, returning after completing his degree in Computer Science and Maths.

On top of working on his own coding projects, Ollie’s interests include bouldering, music production, analog photography, and keeping his houseplants alive.

Sam Whannel

Sam Whannel

Head of Infrastructure

Sam is the Head of Infrastructure at Billforward.

His focus is the design and implementation of robust, resilient systems and infrastructure that allow applications to run and scale smoothly.

Sam has worked in IT roles across industries and sectors including non-profits and local government. Before joining Billforward he worked as a System Administrator for a FinTech startup.

Outside work Sam enjoys baking and rock climbing.

Nikita Nefedov

Nikita Nefedov

Head of Dynamic Applications Software

Nikita is a Senior Software Engineer at Billforward.

He works on the technical challenges that we face, scaling solutions to work for customers to deliver a better billing experience every day.

In a past life, Nikita’s work focused on PHP and he contributed to PHP-src before moving on to new projects and technologies. He joined Billforward in 2017.

Nikita enjoys photography, all sorts of visual arts, and at present, is learning woodworking to design and build furniture from scratch!

Steve Richmond

Steve Richmond

Senior Software Engineer

Steve is a Senior Software Developer at Billforward.

He’s worked in billing since 2011, with most of that spent in the highly-complex utilities billing space.

Steve is a full-stack engineer but focuses on the backend. He’s passionate about writing clean code, which shortens development time and reduces defects.

In his spare time, Steve enjoys drawing, photography, and board games.

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