Enable Your Product

With Billforward your product team can price, quote, and sell while you take care of the other important parts of your business!


Catalog all of your customers with searchable profiles and address data.

Plans & Pricing

Define and update plans with one or more pricing line-item.


Send a one-time or recurring invoice with manual, credit-card or other alternate payment methods. You can also split invoices across multiple accounting periods for customer accounting needs.


Decide on a date and frequency to bill your customers. You can choose from hourly, monthly, yearly, and everything in-between. Self-service and API allows supporting customer needs such as fixed-terms and upgrades.

Quotes & Contracts

Enterprise deals often define increases in entitlements or plan changes. Contracts define these changes over the lifespan of a subscription.


Security requires accountability and our audit log provides a detailed view of who did what and when.

Catalog Customers

Define contact data, addresses, and custom data for your customers.

Profile and Address

Invoice data such as address and company profile will be automatically pulled from contact details.


Configure internationalization on invoices via setting a contact language.


Define sub-departments via a hierarchy. Define multiple email contacts to receive billing updates.


Track CRM IDs or a customer’s status via business-specific properties. Values are automatically searchable in the UI and filterable in the API.

Account Information

Control Pricing and Packaging

Become a pricing ninja with detailed control of each element of packaging and pricing.


Costs can be defined from one-to-many pricing line-items.


Configure when fees are invoiced via up-front setup costs such as professional services. You can also set regular, in-advance payments and easily calculate if there is consumption or overage bill usage.


Numerous charge models to support fixed price, volume reductions, or tiered increases. Each pricing line can have unit, fixed, and bucketed tiers.


Design your pricing with cost reductions per purchase units. For example, the first ten units at $5, the second ten units at $4.


As time moves on, support applying price changes to existing subscribers or grandfather existing prices.

Exact Pricing

If your costs are priced as microtransactions you can define prices per unit up to 5 decimal places.


Easily introduce pricing for multiple currencies with applicable taxes. Did we mention you can send the invoice in a local language too?


If you need to support an approval process or plan migration between development environments, use YAML/JSON to enable offline storage and versioning in source control.

Payment terms

Set a due day from due-on receipt to 720 days calculated as an offset from the invoice issuance date.

Bill and Invoice with Ease

Turn Billforward into an invoicing machine by automating daily bill-runs.



Automatic creation of an invoice when recurring subscriptions enter their next period.


One-time invoices can be created for accounts or subscriptions for out-of-band payments.


Have invoices created as a draft, then be notified via Slack or email to edit or approve the cost.


Support self-service download of invoices with options for PDF, CSV, or HTML.


For accounting purposes, a client may need an invoice split over certain dates. No sweat, we can do it!

Recurring Billing and Subscriptions

Schedule When and How a Customer is Billed


If you sell multiple subscriptions to a single account have them billed separately or combined.


Backdate the start of a subscription or schedule a post-trial start.


Align subscriptions to a particular bill date and optionally pro-rate the first invoice.


If you sell purely based on consumption you can skip the first invoice.


As a customer’s needs change you can upgrade or downgrade the units purchased with immediate or delayed change costs.

Change Plan

If a client has outgrown a plan you can migrate them to a new plan, billing for any increase in cost.


Enable a customer to end their service either immediately or at the end of the current billing cycle.

Pause & Restart

They are back! Pause until a future date or restart a previously canceled subscription.

Quote the Right Price, Every Time

Know how much a purchase or change will be before it’s made.



Let customers know the cost before making any change for upgrades, plan changes, new subscriptions, or real-time usage!


Store and retrieve quotes to make sure customers get the price they were sent.


Enterprise deals often define increases in entitlements or plan changes. For example, 1-year term followed by a 2-year term with differing plans, quantities, and/or prices.


Automatically provision, then update subscriptions from opportunities and accounts.


Secure access and audit changes to your Billforward instance.

Audit White


Invite multiple users to your account whilst controlling access via roles and single-sign-on options.

Audit Log

The audit log is an automatic immutable set of records which contain who performed an action & when. It also stores the value before and after the change.


Get external notifications describing what was changed, when, and by who via our webhook API.

Retrieve Audit Info